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Updated Pricing as per July 1st 2018:

The updated folders regarding the prices for pilotage in 2018 as per July 1st 2018 can be downloaded here:

PORT: Products & Prices July 2018 - Port

TRANSIT, STS, BUNKER & SERVICE TRIPS:  Products & Prices July 2018 - Transit

SPECIAL OPERATIONS / TOWAGE OF BARGES: Products & Prices July 2018 - Special Operations

Please note that the Rate Calculator will only show the updated pricing as per July 1st 2018 when the new Products and Prices enters into effect.


For Pilotage to and from the Limfjorden area please send your pilotage request to our subsidiary Limfjord Pilot: 
www.limfjordpilot.com or by mail to: 24h@limfjordpilot.dk

For Pilotage to and from Fredericia Port please send your pilotage request to our subsidiary BeltPilot by mail to: beltpilot@beltpilot.dk

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