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DanPilot’s whistleblower scheme


Employees and partners of DanPilot can submit information about objectionable matters at the company to the whistleblower scheme.

Through this, information about serious violations of legislation, offences, or other serious matters or suspicions thereof can be submitted.

Reports can be made without the person in question having to reveal their identity. This is done via our digital portal. If you wish to remain anonymous, be careful not to provide your name, telephone number, etc.

If you wish to maintain your anonymity, when you are uploading files, photos, etc., you must also make sure that you do not inadvertently provide information about your identity.

If you submit information to the whistleblower scheme from a computer or telephone connected to DanPilot’s network, this may be recorded as part of the regular logging of user activities on the internal network. This can be avoided by accessing the scheme from a computer or phone that is not connected to DanPilot’s network.

Reports are processed by the HR department. Once the information has been submitted, it will be reviewed as soon as possible, within regular office hours. Employees will never receive reports about themselves. Rather, such reports will be sent to others in the department.

We may need to ask you questions in connection with the case. Although your information is anonymous, we can communicate with you via the digital solution. It is therefore important that you save your key code, as you need this to log in to the portal where communication can take place.

Use the link below to go to the portal: