DanPilot upholds full operation

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DanPilot upholds full operation

Operational information: DanPilot upholds full operation in Danish ports and straits

A significant part of the supplies and infrastructure of Denmark are delivered by sea transport. DanPilot represent 90% of all pilotage operations in Danish waters, ensuring that all vessels are safely navigating our straits and calling Danish ports. By taking extraordinary measures, DanPilot has ensured that the transport by sea can continue as planned, despite the outbreak of COVID-19.

Many goods bound for Danish retail stores are brought in by sea transport, which will continue to take place despite the COVID-19 pandemic closing major parts of Denmark. The people of DanPilot uphold operation as planned, bringing vessels safely through our waters and into our ports, delivering vital supplies to our supermarkets and many other uses.

CEO of DanPilot, Erik Merkes Nielsen informs; “-DanPilot operations are carried out as always, with a number of extraordinary measures taken to secure the continued operation of DanPilot. Any vessel in Danish waters with a need for pilotage assistance will be served, ensuring a continued delivery of supplies to the nation as planned”.

Precautions warrant a continued operation as planned

Several safety precautions taken both by the pilots of DanPilot as well as the vessels requiring assistance, safeguards the continued operation of DanPilot as well as the health and safety of the personnel.

CEO, Erik Merkes Nielsen; “We follow the recommendations by the authorities, and continue to monitor the situation closely, including maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the Danish Maritime Authorities and the Danish government regarding the operation of DanPilot. As a result of this, we stand at ready to change our course, handle immediate changes and continue to ensure that the vessels reach their destinations, bringing supplies to the Danish people. Likewise, our employees are ready to handle the situation, and are demonstrating great responsibility and flexibility”.

DanPilot performs 90 % of all pilotage operations in Danish waters. Our employees includes approx.. 180 pilots and 100 pilot boat captains, maintaining operations around the clock, all year round.

For more information on DanPilot, please visit: https://www.danpilot.dk.


Facts about DanPilot

DanPilot is an independent state-owned entity, owned in full by the Danish state. Being a pilotage service provider, DanPilot ensures safety at sea and in ports all over Denmark, as the highly specialized pilots possess a thorough knowledge of the local waters, preventing accidents.

DanPilot serves vessels in transit between Skagen and Gedser/Allinge navigating through The Great Belt or The Sound, as well as vessels calling or departing Danish ports.

DanPilot is spread throughout Denmark, at 17 local pilot stations, and an additional 4 pilot boat locations. In total, DanPilot employs more than 300 people, of which approximately 180 are certified marine pilots, and 100 are pilot boat captains. DanPilot HQ is located in Svendborg, Denmark.


For further information:

Contact Chief Communications Officer Anne Heinze, ahe@danpilot.dk, +45 60 59 04 80